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Stakeholder consultation on scenarios for VBDs with the support of CCAFS and CRP4.3, Nairobi, Kenya

Together with regional stakeholders, the CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) generated so-called ‘socio-economic scenarios’.  These scenarios aim to explore key regional socio-economic and governance uncertainties for food security, environment and livelihoods through integrated qualitative-quantitative descriptions of plausible futures to 2030. The CCAFS vision has been to use these scenarios with regional, national and local actors for strategic planning. They hope to explore the feasibility of strategies, technologies and policies toward improved food security, environments and livelihoods under different socio-economic and governance conditions.

Problems around diseases, environmental change and food insecurity for vulnerable rural communities in the developing world go hand in hand. So, too, do the impacts of government policies and strategies of non-state actors focusing on health care and food. Both issues face many similar future uncertainties – both of an economic and political nature (e.g. migration, funds for treatment, conflicts, uneven development…

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