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The Atlantic (7 April 2013)
Rural Kenyans are bringing their cows with them to cities. What could go wrong?
Delia Grace is cited in a feature article on urban livestock farming and zoonoses in Dagoretti, Nairobi. ILRI-led research found that peer pressure and targeted messages on hygienic livestock keeping work better to control the spread of cryptosporidiosis than banning the keeping of animals.

Next City (15 March 2013)
Feeding cities: The meat of the issue
Delia Grace was a panelist at a session on food systems during the 2013 Feeding Cities conference held in Philadelphia, PA on 13-15 March 2013. Her comments on the importance of zoonoses and research on the safety of meat sold in wet markets in Vietnam were captured in the Next City media blog that covered the event.

PRI’s The World (28 January 2013)
Farming livestock in African slums
Delia Grace is quoted in a feature article on the economic and health benefits of urban livestock farming in the developing world. The story also features a short video (1:38 min), Livestock in the slum: A visit to an urban farm in Kenya.

AllAfrica (23 October 2012)
Cattle in the capital: Urban agriculture comes to town
Amos Omore and Delia Grace are quoted in an article on urban farming in Nairobi, highlighting the economic and nutritional benefits of urban agriculture and approaches that farmers can take to reduce public health risks posed by zoonoses.

Al Jazeera (21 October 2012)
Warning sounded on urban farming
Delia Grace is featured in a 2-minute video on the need for better management of livestock keeping  in city slums to avoid the emergence of zoonoses as a result of the close contact between people and the animals they keep.

The Guardian (12 October 2012)
How to stop zoonoses spreading – Don’t keep chickens under the bed
Delia Grace blogs on The Guardian’s Poverty Matters site about managing the health risks which can accompany urban livestock keeping.

GlobalPost (8 October 2012)
Urban farming: A lesson from Africa
Eric Fèvre is quoted in a feature article on urban farming in a Nairobi suburb and the risk of spread of zoonoses.

The EastAfrican (6 October 2012)
Animal to human diseases on the rise
In a feature article on a study on urban zoonoses by the International Livestock Research Institute and the University of Nairobi, Delia Grace calls for a careful assessment of the risks of zoonoses and says urban livestock keeping should be encouraged where the benefits are greater than the risks.

SciDevNet (1 October 2012)
Dislike of multidisciplinary work ‘limits development’
Delia Grace is quoted in a feature story on a discussion on cross-disciplinary research during the Agricultural Research for Development: Innovations and Incentives conference held in Sweden on 26-27 September 2012.

CNN (26 September 2012)
The looming zoonotic danger
The report “Mapping of poverty and likely zoonoses hotspots” by Delia Grace and colleagues is cited in an article on CNN’s Global Public Square site featuring zoonotic diseases.

The Guardian (23 July 2012)
Are environmental changes spreading Rift Valley and Lassa fevers?
Delia Grace blogs on The Guardian’s Poverty Matters site about shifts in environmental practice thought to be affecting the transmission of zoonotic diseases.

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