Village women and livestock in Niger

Village women and livestock in Niger (photo credit: ILRI/Stevie Mann).

This short-term study (January to April 2012) reviewed and updated existing knowledge on poverty and on poverty and zoonoses hotspots. The specific objective of the study was to provide evidence on where (globally) the risk to the poor from zoonoses is greatest, to enable prioritization of appropriate target locations for research implementation and uptake, based on greatest risk.


  • Expert consultation on already published maps of poverty, livestock and zoonoses hotspots with the aim of achieving a preliminary qualitative evaluation of which countries/regions need updating.
  • Collation of additional data from countries/regions undergoing rapid change in demographics, location of livestock units, biodiversity and those forecast to suffer most from climate change.
  • Update/refresh of the ILRI 2002 publication, Mapping poverty and livestock in the developing world.
  • Update/refresh of the map by Jones et al. (2008) in the journal Nature: Jones, Kate E et al. “Global trends in emerging infectious diseases.” Nature 451.7181 (2008): 990-993.
  • Identification of priority zoonoses which pose risk to the poor.
  • Development of maps showing hotspots for poverty, livestock and zoonoses.

Start Date: 1 January 2012 | End Date: 30 April 2012


Principal investigator
Delia Grace

Lucy Lapar
Mario Herrero
Mohammed Said
Pamela Ochungo

Hanoi School of Public Health
Institute of Zoology, UK
International Livestock Research Institute

UK Department for International Development

Project report
Mapping of poverty and likely zoonoses hotspots by Grace et al. (2012)

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